Formed in Business Administration with specialization in Foreign Trade for 10 years, postgraduate degree in Higher Education, postgraduate degree in Marketing, and now postgraduate degree in Digital Influence by PUC, I gather an avarage of 23,000 hours of practical and active negotiation. 

With the experience of multinationals I went through and other communication companies such as Rede Record, I have lived through the changes of corporate companies and the marketing within them, including knowing their weaknesses. This all ended up giving complete basis to undertake with more consistency and efficiency. 

I have been working as an entrepreneur for 8 years and I have been through 2 previous business that have matured me to get where I am today. All the learning was necessary for my growth and experience. So much that I understand the pain and needs of a beginner entrepreneur whether in the offline world or online, after all I have already navigated these two seas. 

In addiction to some specific courses of the digital world, such as Launching Formula, Traffic and Positioning, I am trained by SBCopy in Professional Copywriting. And with international courses on Copywriting methodologies, the Ágora american group, positioning and strategy, all the communication is based on Copywriting with Neuroscience, also known as Neuromarketing.

Two years ago, EmpreendEra was born, with the vision of transforming the era of entrepreneurship, making entrepreneur's lives easier, making communication easier and more persuasive. In the company the partners are myself and my husband Fred Ribas, also Copywriter and focused on Creation of Big Ideas, and together we built the first Digital Marketing Agency based on Copywriting and Neuroscience. 

We join the world's greatest powers of persuasion in one place. 

And my role is Copywriter Strategist, I build on Copywriting the best company marketing strategy, branding, positioning and the communication of the companies. I add value to the product through persuasive communication of value and create the timeline of the evolution of the business within the niche in which it fits. I do the mapping of the market in order to have greater assertiveness in communication. 

Without planning you do not know where you are going. Without copy, you do not sell as much as you would like. Without positioning, is wasting time and money. Without strategy, it is like shooting randomly to the sky in hopes of falling a duck.

In short, I unify and build persuasive communication in copywriting for companies to sell more by spending less!