Camilo Coutinho is a digital strategist specialist in videos and youtube, founder of Double Play Media and creator of the channel Play de Prata. He was chosen by YouPix as one of the 30 most influential people in digital.

He went through major market players such as B2W Viagens (Submarino, Americanas and Shoptime), BuscaPé and agencies of the Newcomm group (Y&R, Energy and VML).

Active in worldwide YouTube projects, since 2014 is official member of the Youtube forum as main collaborator; Invited to be one of the 200 channels in the world that are part of the YouTube Contributors program aimed at education and development of the worldwide community of content creators.

Currently, he leads online strategy projects with videos and trainings for companies and creators all over Brazil, with clients such as RedBull, Avon, ESPM, YouPix, YoutubeSpace, SAP and Grupo Boticário.

He was a professor at YouTube Space São Paulo, and is the author of online courses, face-to-face training and lectures, with which he travels through Brazil, bringing knowledge focused on business strategies with videos that sell more in the country's main events such as Afiliados Brasil, RDsummit, ConnectSamba, ID360, among others..