My name is Fernando Verchai and I have been working with football investments for more than 10 years. I started writing prognostics, articles, news and I was evolving, becoming Youtube of big websites and generating value for those who like the investment market in football. In this way I have been specializing more and more and also increased even more the value of my investment in the games and in this market. A big step was to have won the Cartola - Globo Esporte, where I gained more national projection, raising my name and explaining my profession to one of the biggest sites in Brazil and also in the world. In the face of all this evolution, with increasing knowledge and an extremely positive change in my standard of living, I have increasingly seen that all this was a surprising reality and that I could actually pass it on to other people. So I found a project with my own name, Fernando Verchai FC, where I give my students my own investment. In less than two months I have three thousands students and Fernando Verchai FC is already one of the best selling products in Brazil.