Shirleyson Kaisser - CEO of KPG Group

Under the age of 30, the of entrepreneur Shirleyson Kaisser has made him one of the top names in digital entrepreneurism in Latin America. With a trajectory that began just before age 17 when he won (and lost!) his first million, the serial entrepreneur matured and understood the corporate world from the vivid challenges that empowered him to higher, more assertive flights. Three years ago, with 20,000 reais borrowed, he betted on the nutraceutical market and founded Kapsula, a Full E-commerce that provides encapsulated natural compound supplements. 

With Kapsula, he inaugurated the era of sales of infoproducts on the web, which until then had been basically digital products. Kaisser's disruptive vision transformed the business into a benchmark in digital market and revolutionized his company: In 2018, in the second year of operation of the brand, it already had more than 1 milion active costumers in Brazil, revenues of R$ 250 million reais and generation of more than 1500 direct and indirect jobs. So many positive results inspired Shirleyson Kaisser to found two more companies: Kapsula Cosmetics and Konvert for converting tickets. The three business currently form KPG Group. 

Kaisser is a desruptive young man who has been positively influencing people all over the country. With and agenda of lectures in Brazil over the last years, he has travelled through several cities talking and inspiring with his history from ordinary people to entrepreneurs.